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    This thread raises good points. Achievements were actually a big part of the game for many of us in Wrath and Cata. They started slacking a few expansions later but now it’s like they’ve just abandoned it. My guess is it comes down to the devs working there weren’t there when these were added so they don’t even think about continuing them.

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    Depends on the Meta-Achievement. I enjoyed getting the Violet Proto-Drake (though children's week was a huge pita because of the PvP achievement), and some others which can be done in a reasonable fashion (like, PvP Meta for people who love to PvP, and who don't need to do any PvE activities for that and vice versa).

    But I really hate if they put one or several PvP achievements in an otherwise PvE meta. Or if the time needed to complete an achievement is just not justified. I still got no crab mount from the Nazjatar zone despite being a mount collector - because the meta achievement there ist too obnoxious for me (farmin the bee mount was a breeze compared to that).

    I don't want the type of content with meta achievement as Blizzard designs it today - especially if you have to repeat the obnoxius waste of time on more than one character.

    WoW will die for me if they double down on that any more. I will be more than happy to switch my full MMORPG budget to FFXIV.

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