Poll: What would it take for you to come back?

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    Bad poll options. An expansions obviously, so nothing in current expac.

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    I think conduits make having alts way less fun and it's too time consuming.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nvaelz View Post
    I think conduits make having alts way less fun and it's too time consuming.
    You get all the conduits you need in like 1h per character in a low base version (which is the most important, since the higher itl only increases the secondary functions (damage) and not the primary ones (Mechanics/CD reduction etc.).
    The difference between e.g. 220 and max is minimal.
    There are a lot this to complain about, you can even complain about the existence of the conduit system in general, but disliking it only because of alts of something I simply can not agree with.

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    Complete game redesign from the ground up. In the short term, I've seen far more than enough of Shadowlands, and it's task-list based, low replay value game experience. And as much as I enjoy Revendreth as a zone (perhaps the best element of this expansion), it's nowhere near enough to keep me sticking around.

    Things WoW does well:

    Initial leveling experience most of the time.
    Zone art
    Storyline delivery mechanisms (cut scenes, player involvement in the story via quest chains, etc)

    Things WoW does not do well:

    All manner of timegating
    Leveling replay value
    Class design
    Dungeon design
    Power and currency systems
    Zone placement and access
    Character animations
    Seasonal events

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    Ion being publicly fired and then some. Retconing everything that's happened since icc out of existence. All the nu lore, all the expansions. Everything. Wipe the slate clean and do it better
    Wrath baby and proud of it

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    I'm going to check out the next expansion. Probably will buy shadowlands at some point.

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