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As someone else said. It's because all the content that was being prepared for BlizzCon can now just be shared online.

Expect more of these over the coming weeks. What I don't get is the anger from some here though. They're literally just sharing a little bit of insight into a major change that came with the expansion ... what's to get so butt hurt about.
While I agree and actually enjoy information such as this, I think the sentiment that can't be understated is that people more-so care about the future of the game and the direction it's heading at this point in time rather than look back at a change that occurred quite some time ago to get a deep dive into the rework and functionality of this UI.

And to the quote's point, they give huge dives about something like this whereas they basically never do the same for any of their game impacting systems that have been terrible for quite a while. Blizzcon 2020 certainly did not have anything about game systems.