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    How many breaks do you have at your job per day?

    At my job (project manager/technical assistant at a translation's beaurau)we basically have these:

    Coffee break at 10AM and at 3PM. The morning one is usually 10 minutes, while the afternoon break is like 20-30 minutes (We Swedes love our coffee breaks)
    Lunch break for an hour whenever (no scheduled time, but people usually take their break at 12-01).
    Other than that, people are free to stretch their legs whenever there's nothing to do (since we work with client orders, there's nothing to do at times depending on number of orders and/or if the workflow is at your end currently or not, so perfect to stretch your legs and grab a tea or something).

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    Quick coffee (and for some smoking) breaks, 5 minutes long, at 8.30, 11.30 and 14.30. 15 minute break at 10.00. Half an hour break at 12.30.
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    Java dev, working from home, can do whatever the fuck I want as long as I close my sprint stories.

    Supposed to come to office twice per week, but wasn't there for 2 months. I guess I'll drive there Thursday or some such, see if anyone's alive there.
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    As a child carer, 30 minutes.
    As a teacher, varies (depends on what needs to be planned/prepared) but usually one 30 minute break at least.

    We eat lunch with the children/pupils.
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    One 10min break in the morning; and one 10min break inthe afternoon. 30min lunch.

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    We don't have any real defined breaks. We just break whenever we want/can. Our lunch is unpaid however.

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    I work from home so don't have a clear break schedule. I think it's much more convenient and productive this way.

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    Shift is 10pm-7am. First 15 minute break at 12:00am, lunch at 2:00am and second 15 minute break at 5:00am.

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    As many as I want. I work on my own time.

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    My job isn't really strict. I take like 3-5 minute breaks 10 times a day or so, whenever I'm caught up and don't feel like looking for something new to do. Lunch is 30 minutes unpaid.

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    I only have lunch break at my job. The rest of the time I work. Therefore, I want to change jobs.

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    As many as I want and as long as I want, but I do have quite a few meetings per week. Depending on the length we can have 0-2 breaks during those meetings.

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    I can do it whenever I want, I am salary, but that being said in a 8 to 10 hour shift, after 3 hours `15 min break after 4 to 5, 1 hour Lunch after 8 hours another 15 mins. That is it.
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    whenever i want, for as long as I want.. basically, I'm paid to do a job, and long as it's done my boss is ok with me working whenever. Oh also I can't miss meetings, which do take up most of my days.
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    As many as i want. I am a freelancer and my own boss

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    2 15 mins breaks and a 30 min meal break.
    I usually only take 1 15 min break cause there’s little point going all the way upstairs near the end of the shift just to sit down for afew mins

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    In my last job, I did not really take any breaks. I would work for 2 hours, use the restroom, get some more ice for my drink and get back to work. Two hours after that, I would go use the restroom, microwave my lunch, get more ice for my drink and then get back to work. Another two hours after that, I would stop to use the restroom and then work until it was time to go home. I didn't really mind because I really liked the work. In most other jobs I have had, I would work 8 hour days, take a 15-minute break and 30-minute lunch break every two hours. Two 15 minute breaks and a 30-minute lunch break.

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    Technically speaking, 2 paid 15 minute breaks per day, one unpaid 30 minute lunch (by choice - in my current position we are allowed 30 or 60 minutes and we can choose which we want, I'd rather be done a half hour earlier). But my job isn't one that requires me to be constantly at my desk (right now we are WFH anyway). Basically, as long as I get my work done, I can take as many "breaks" as I want and noone will care.

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