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    The Mail Notice Function Still Does Not Work Properly

    The little icon next to your character, that tells you, that you have mail, that was something that went live with the start of the expansion a year ago, and they had to take it out several times. Last patch they already tried to fix it. This patch, they tried again, and it still doesn't work. Now it tells you, that you have mail, when you don't have any mail anymore. Even the symbol on your minimap tells you, that you have mail, when you've completely emptied your mailbox. After a year of trying and failing, I thought they might finally get this little feature fixed.

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    Huh.. Works fine for me..
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    It doesn't. When you log out, even though your mail box is empty, it still shows the mail icon.

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    Works fine for me as well

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    i get the same behaviour

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    Worked fine for me also.

    Perhaps it's a mod interaction?
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    I noticed when I had an auction that sold, the mail icon would pop up even though I had time left before I got paid. Perhaps that's what others are experiencing?
    The icon was there both logged in and at the character select when I was waiting on a payment for a sold auction.

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    literally just logged into a character with a mail icon, got my mail, logged out and mail icon is gone. so it's something on your end causing this, maybe an addon?

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