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    I think that they can make quite a few things to make people buy and stick to WoW.

    Lets start with the obvious that as a whole WoW (in terms of both PVE & PVP) is far better than any other MMO in the market. Additionally, we should not forget what Blizzard does better than any other competitor is stealing their ideas.

    For example first and foremost, many people nowadays talk about the action-combat and how better it is than tab targeting, but in reality action combat as it is seen by games like BDO is simply all skills are aoe based like the dynasty warriors games, where you simply kill everything in front of you by being god like. After Wildstar WoW improved their combat even more by sticking to the tab-targeting system and implementing some very good aim based skills for various classes which made the combat even more fluid. And tbh healing in any action combat game like tera, wildstar, new world that i know of is very very lame...

    I believe that the strengthof "stealing" other people's ideas and implementing them so well comes from their engineering department, responsible of how the game "plays", which must be of the highest quality among their peers, while on the other hand their game developers that are responsible for how the game "feels" are not as talented. I don't know how a gaming-software company works, but from my minor understanding over the subject i would say that their back-end is way-way better than their front-end, if i use their terminology correctly.

    But there are many more things that they can "steal" from their competitors, but for those you need adequately talented "front-end developers", for example how the story is complete in ffxiv and you don't need to buy comics and books to experience important pieces of it. Better and complete customizable UI as more or less every competitor offers nowadays, the mount system that gw2 has, the professions that bdo (or ffxiv) has and many more.

    I believe that the mythic+ idea, the best idea that has been implemented in the game for quite a while, is also stolen from the gw2, TBH, gw2 is a very good version of WoW and the only thing that i don't like about this game is the absence of holy trinity.

    Another thing that i want to see in practice (and is a potential source for copy pasting and imo can bring on board the most new customers) is how people will react with Lost Ark's equalization of item level on the highest difficulties at both PVP & PVE, which I personally believe is the way to go for any game, again something that gw2 has done for years, since i am a filthy casual nowadays who does not have the time or desire to farm gear again and again through the years.

    As an end note i would like to say that WoW is an exceptional game with exceptional Lore (not story) but the people who run it are incompetent, i recently re-subbed due to Christmas holidays and casually play retail, som & tbcc, acknowledging the fact that i cannot achieve anything in any, due to time limitations (see also venruki's video analysis which describes my situation and many others very well) but i truly love how the game "plays" especially in comparison with all other competitors.

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    To be honest the next step for WoW is to recover and get their shit togheter. Next big worry is the LoL MMORPG for Blizzard as that one might be a real danger for their playerbase. If riot manage to make a game as popular as glory days WoW its over for Blizzard. I hope i’m wrong..

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