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    The burrial of World of Warcraft. RIP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainV View Post
    I say that unironically, go play XIV if you want the WoW experience your missing, dont sleep on it anymore.
    There's only one thing more of a chore than WQs & that's FF's MSQ If I wanted to spend several hundred hours reading a story (which I often do), I'd probably turn to a franchise that's managed to deliver at least one good main-franchise RPG since the PS1 days.

    Anyway, it looks like they're throwing all their eggs firmly into the 10.0 basket. It's a risk, but Legion was one of my all-time favourite expansions alongside TBC & MoP, & that followed on from a very content-light expansion in WoD. I'm not optimistic, but I'm definitely curious as to what it'll bring to the table.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darknessvamp View Post
    They generalise by saying they're progenitors of "all of creation" but then specify that Zereth Mortis where they started was focused on the creation of afterlives... as in the four realms people have been messing about in this expansion. Supposedly the zones and covenants created in response to life. Life of which most wasn't created by said 'progenitors' but by Titans, Old God meddling and other beings. They've effectively lost the coherency of their plot and gone full head up ass "we're the first ones" mode.

    Also they covered that already, they made them stupidly immortal before mortals even were made.
    You should go watch it again then, because they said that the first ones also created Azeroth, and every realm we have and haven't experienced.

    And they created Zereth Mortis to create afterlives on its own.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aceperson View Post
    i had to start writing down my thoughts half way through just cause of how stupid this sounds.

    i stopped caring about the story and i expected nothing from this preview and yet i'm still disappointed...
    You know, weirdly enough, one of the things I don't mind is the idea of the afterlife being artificial. It kinda gives the First Ones more legitimacy, in my mind. Imagine some ancient progenitor species, filling a universe with life but realizing that once they die, there will be nothing left, and wanting to fix that. So they create a new dimension, attune it to the souls of the dead, and build the machinery needed to pump out specialized afterlives to house them all.

    It's actually one of the few things about Shadowlands I can kind of get behind. I like the whole idea of the Shadowlands being a naturally occurring thing more originally, but this honestly isn't bad, for me at least.

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    Sepulcher looks like a reskinned Burning Throne.

    The new zone looks like Wildstar.

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    Did not expect much... still disappointed.
    Imagine thinking about your class fantasy with these sets, LOL.

    I really like this YT comment:
    This release video:
    98% aesthetics and arts
    2% actual gameplay addition news
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    those look pretty class themed to me

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    Zero sign of Ion or Josh, seems to be this unknown devs and members of this new council doing all the presentations from now on

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Vindicator View Post
    Wow these people with absolutely no apparently interest in wow at all really want everyone else to know about it on a wow forum don't they
    It almost feels like some people here are jealous(?) and have to make sure to tell everyone they aren't playing WoW at all and won't do so later... on a wow forum lol

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    My expectactions were low for those tier sets, but holy fuck.

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    Wow, this is really disappointing to me. I hope it's not the actual last patch as it's been suggested and is just an interlude before 9.3. I started out SL so excited and now I just can't even be bothered to come back to the game. If there's a 9.3 maybe I'll come back to see things when its all actually over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkeon View Post
    My expectactions were low for those tier sets, but holy fuck.
    I mean if your a priest or a mage it looks pretty promising.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toppy View Post
    ngl looks sick

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    I don't know what this is, but this isn't Warcraft.

    The only positive thing is that they confirmed this will be the last patch of Shadowlands.

    Also a big lol at the rune translation system. Yeah, this is what it feels like when they forcemerged my server to a 100% Polish server. Now that is a gameplay feature....

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    Quote Originally Posted by |Dexter| View Post
    This trailer is full of red flags!

    Red Flag 1: It was not a live presentation like we got in the past.
    Red Flag 2: Ion Hazzikostas the Warcraft Game Director is nowhere to be seen!?
    Red Flag 3: 9.2 is the final patch of Shadowlands, the end of a book, really?
    Red Flag 4: Lots of lore info in 11 minutes barely anything on the real content.
    Red Flag 5: "Unlock more dailies" was mentioned in the trailer
    Red Flag 6: Time gating is clearly happing in 9.2
    Red Flag 7: Another rush end?
    Red Flag 8: No new Dungeons?!
    Red Flag 9: seems to be more of the same...

    Future Red Flags: Noting about the future of WoW after 9.2, other that we're working on the next chapter, so how long between 9.1.5 till 9.2 and from 9.2 till ????
    Future Red Flags: Everything of the story and raids will be spoiled by the PTR again!
    Future Red Flags: This trailer makes really clear that Blizzard will forced diversity for the sole purpose of garnering attention and/or sales.
    It's a very early preview, probably designed to entice players that are thinking of hopping to other MMOs. Like that one MMO with an expansion launching soon.

    Also, I think Ion is done with being the face of WoW. His disastrous interview with Preach is likely the reason they're building the council.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MiiiMiii View Post
    It's the minimum of what a major patch can be. New Zone + New Raid.

    I know we don't like BfA but it's the closest comparison.

    - 2 new zones
    - 1 new raid
    - 1 new megadungeon
    - Essence system
    - Gnome and Tauren Heritage Armor
    - Stratholme Battle Pet dungeon
    - Mount Equipment Slots
    - More of the BfA storyline

    Sounds like 8.2 was about twice the size of 9.2
    Compare 9.1 with 8.1 and you'll see that by the time 9.2 releases we'll have pretty much the same amount of content, minus the Allied Races.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zandalarian Paladin View Post
    That didn't do it for me. I don't think I'll be there for 9.2.

    What I expected:

    1. Gameplay overhaul
    2. Allied Races
    3. End-game restructuration
    Why would you expect such things?

    They are not going to do such massive changes for a patch.

    That's more "next expansion" things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by roboscorcher View Post
    Glad to see tier sets back. Sad that they're going with raid theme instead of class theme. Class theme sets are the best IMO.
    This still looks raid themed to me.
    World needs more Goblin Warriors

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zandalarian Paladin View Post
    That didn't do it for me. I don't think I'll be there for 9.2.

    What I expected:

    1. Gameplay overhaul
    2. Allied Races
    3. End-game restructuration
    You are unbelieveably naive if you actually though a content patch would have your 1. and your 3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Log Cabin View Post
    I mean if your a priest or a mage it looks pretty promising.
    Checked Wowhead?

    I mean, it's of course subjective as hell, but I find them dull.

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