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    Solo Shuffle

    The new PvP brawl is the Solo Shuffle. It'll take 6 players and have them fight in 3v3 arena matches in every possible combination you could form with those players. The one with the best rating at the end wins.
    So you don't just queue up for one match, you have to play multiple matches to get anything from it? How long does that take? What if someone leaves in the middle of the shuffle? Only one person wins out of 6? Or each person gets rating and conquest based on placement?

    Someone help.
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    I don't think there will be rating as it's just a brawl (for now).

    In case somebody leaves, the entire match must be terminated else it would be impossible to rate other people properly, so leaver penalty needs to be very harsh (like one day deserter).

    Assuming there will only be two healers available, and they wouldn't be matched with each other (otherwise it would result with prolonged and idiotic games) it will be 6 combinations so 6 arena matches which isn't too bad (definitely not longer than average BG).

    I wonder if this brawl will mix alliance and horse players together, that would be interesting.

    Also, I think top 3 players with best win ratio should be considered winners, else you'd end up with people giving up too early.
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    I wish they did it for 2s too, it would be only 3 matches long.

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    Solo shuffle is and will be a joke because it's not what people asking for solo queue wants.

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