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    Thing is I subbed for classic only to see my server become a ghost town after people were only given a choice of cloning for a fee, people chose to move their toons to a BC server.....currently the seasonal classic servers are also not active enough to eventually be able to do raid content with pugs considering there wont be any strong communities formed or guilds knowing this is seasonal and the whole server disappears in a year time.....nobody knows where people will eventually transfer their toons to and it surely wont be the same destination. I feel like the XP buff isnt enough for the fresh experience to feel any different from the classic era version considering it only adds about 15% overall speed.

    For retail, the issues are mostly to do with there not being much to do for a casual aside from LFR once a week and repeatedly doing the same few max level dungeons. I am not a mount or xmog collector since I find the grind to be extremely not fun, unrewarding and time consuming considering the world is massive and travelling to old raids takes a ton of time, one shotting everything for mogs/mounts is just not something I am able to do anymore, might have been OK for a few months initally but it gets old quickly and feels bad since ur all alone.

    I feel like the devs are not thinking outside of the box of "current expansion only" content and are ignoring how the rest of the game can be turned into something much more fun, social and rewarding than it currently is.
    Not active enough? Obsidian Edge is literally packed 24/7. Every single zone.

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    The cost of WoW isn't the $ you spend, it's the opportunity cost of spending the finite and rapidly depleting hours of your life. just described a hobby.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shink View Post
    literally the point of any hobby

    to burn hours
    A hobby rewards you for your time and investment. Whether thats in pure pleasure, intangible benefits such as mental/physical engagement, etc...

    Honestly gaming has never been much of a hobby, its more of a pure time waster. Its like saying going out to party is a hobby. At least with parties you gain actual experiences, not short fleeting experiences that are gone the second another short fleeting artificial experience comes along.

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    I’ll admit I forgot what it was like way back when. Gave in and thought I’d try tbc classic, made a warlock and was out of mana in three shadowbolts. Had to stab that boar to death

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    Probably just me getting old though for the most part. I find gaming in general has a lot less joy in it than it used to and when all I see are systems that make me think "this is work" like so many games seem to put in these days it's hard to want to bother. Back when I was younger that stuff was awesome cause it just meant "more fun", but I don't find it fun anymore so it's just "more tedium" instead now.
    Damn, I think that's actually true for me too and part of the reason I've gone off WoW. I had more fun in a recent Mass Effect trilogy playthrough than I've had for ages in WoW. Great story, great characters, fun gameplay and almost devoid of anything that feels like it's just been put in to waste my time (Mako missions can piss off though). Thinking about logging into WoW and making all those various bars fill up bit by bit makes me feel mildly nauseous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shise View Post

    Content now a days is all about a patch. That is the problem. I think that we are already living a "Seasonal" stlyle of game but we don´t know it.
    Now a days? It's been like this since WOTLK.

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