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I hope that Bellular quits WoW and all it's content. I don't believe this guy has any good intentions for the game and he spreads ideas that makes people uncertain.

I wished Preach and Asmon stayed - I thought that they contributed productively, but they lost it to their own emotions by the end(that happens when you are passionate. We can all have breaks - they can't as they make a living out of it).

Yes - Bellular affects me. Not that I quit, but makes the community more tense, which in return affects us all somewhat.
Half of Preach's current content is telling people he doesn't make WoW content then talking about WoW anyway. The dude's gonna come back for the next expansion. He has hair plugs to pay for. (Apparently so does Bellular... which is precisely why he won't stop shitting on WoW.)