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    It's just artefacts of retconning the cosmology to hell and back. Like what was the Pantheon of Chaos up to, when Sargeras was trying to turn the Order Pantheon into the Dark PAntheon? like what?

    Anywho atm it seems like it's got that kind of power, on the basis of being a workshop of the First Ones, which someone actually managed to break into.

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    There is nothing cohesive about the lore anymore....nothing about this expansion is.

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    Because they came up with the idea of the first ones just couple of weeks ago... duh

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    Okay, I foresee a lot of people just posting "Because Blizzard only came up with the First Ones recently" so they won't have to answer the lore question at hand. So I'll add my two cents.

    The Shadowlands seem to be the most organized of the realms. It's not really certain why. It may even be true what it says in Chronicle. That it came into existence when the first mortal died. Meaning, all the other lives had basically been created already, to the point of mortal life being a thing. So, it's possible the afterlife wasn't even planned, and sort of happened as a bonus, that the Eternal Ones that had to account for.

    Either way, souls seem to flood into the Shadowlands from the worlds the great beyond. Without the Oribos structure there, that soulstream seems to head straight to the Maw. To Torghast, though that was probably built onto that important site for that reason. This seems to be the fate of souls. Once their body is destroyed, there exists a flow into the Shadowlands, into the ether that was the In-Between.

    All souls going to the same place was apparently not satisfying enough for the First Ones, who want to create a system that expands in complexity. So, they build a place along the soul stream, and created Zereth Mortis to be a foundry to forge new afterlives where new systems could take root. So that instead of one realm with a homogenous mass of average people, there would be many realms of incredible variety of kinds and within kinds.

    Such deep involvement may not have been required for the other planes. Each may have a world forge of some sort. But life in the material plane seems to just arise in unlimited diversity. The Titans seem to be born from these worlds, evolved through the life that existed on them as world souls. And compelled by their nature as beings of order, curiosity, compassion and loneliness, to seek out other worlds, stabilize them and increase their diversity. The worlds are already there, perhaps cast into the cosmos by the First Ones, for life (and Titans) to find their way with.

    We don't really know how the other realms work, and in how far its entities and systems required First One intervention. The Shadowlands may be a very specific case, requiring both a soul sorting station, and the creation of realms. We know the In-Between seems to be a place that tends to erode and decay. Something staved off by the anima of souls. The realms bring order to this purgatory, sustained by the stream of souls that arrives. Together, they persist and stave off oblivion. In a way, this makes the Shadowlands the only plane dependent on another. Without the plane of mortals, there is no Death. The mortal world may benefit from life. And from Ardenweald for strengthening life. And from the Titans bringing stability. But no cosmic force is so dependent and connected to another plane as the realms of Death. That may be why there's so much trace of the Eternal Ones here: There was simply a lot more intervention required for it to operate.
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    It's almost like the First Ones were made up specifically for Shadowlands and didn't actually have any prior foothold in the WoW universe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Engal View Post
    Spoiler below !

    select the text to read the spoilers

    Zereth Ordos
    Zereth Umbra
    Zereth Lumen
    Zereth Vitae
    Zereth Tumult
    Zereth Mortis.

    That it.

    and in the center of creation, Azeroth, the sleeping world soul who dream reality and shape everything with her dreaming song, the Harmony that keep the balance into the creation. If the song ends, the harmony will shatter.
    Zovaal's boss room is just the recreation of the Cosmology chart with all the six forces and in the center is Azeroth
    If that song thing is true Tolkien will be revolving in his grave.

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    Because they were conceived in this expansion, about death.
    The key word is 'yet'.
    Blizzard: datamines a shit icon. Teriz: hey, look guys. It's the Tinker!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cloudmaker View Post
    I see the connection, but everyone thinks that I am insane. So why should I even bother? I will just wait till everything will be revealed. I just literally see the connection everywhere, just have to look deeper. By the way, each cosmic force has its own Zereth. I don't get the amazement that you don't see the prototype Titans here. This is not Zereth of the Order Realm. You will need to visit Ordos.

    Why are you posting like this? This psuedo-intellectual-RP manner?

    Quote Originally Posted by Cloudmaker View Post
    I have have made so many posts already about it and you just tell me I haven't. The clear implication you don't even read. I'm done here. Not to mention you are being rude to the posts that I have made in the past. This is unbelievable.

    So pointing out that you are making no sense with empty references to what you have posted in the past that nobody even brought up FIRST is rude because they won't go back to read them?

    What did I just stumble into

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    So what, all of reality is the dream of a sleeping Azeroth then

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    The actor who voiced Denathrius was really well recieved, so they decided to keep Denathrius based on that. To me this shows that the story - and lore - are somewhat fluid.

    One of the side effects of borrowed power means that all the stuff going on cannot be that meaningful. I can't see how this will be relevant in the next expansion.

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    Because they made them up this expansion.
    Quote Originally Posted by choom View Post
    Which one of those ropes can I hang myself with

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    Because they came up with the "First Ones" only recently.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Villager720 View Post
    Yes, but that is probably an unfortunate coincidence.
    In a universe its not impossible for two things to end up with the same name, even if the source is different things.

    Ordos (fire cow) is likely named after the Mongolian city of the same name, which means 'palaces' and is apparently based on the name of some old tribe.

    Zereth Ordos is likely just referring to the latin word for Order.

    Quote Originally Posted by Magnagarde View Post
    Because they came up with the "First Ones" only recently.
    This though. First One stuff is everywhere in shadow lands, without the slightest hint of it anywhere else we've been.

    I still don't get why Zereth Mortis has prototypes for like chickens and stuff. Wouldn't that be in the life 'zereth'.
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