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    Should I upgrade to DDR5 now?

    I upgraded my rig ~4months ago with i7 11700k + DDR4 ram only to find out DDR5 has arrived..

    Should I upgrade my mobo, CPU and RAM now when I can still get some cash or will 2022 games work with DDR4? I'm afraid DDR4 will be obsolete in late 2022 and no one will gonna buy my old parts by then.

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    No, you shouldnt. People are still using DDR3 today. You´ll be fine

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    People are still buying DDR3 platforms nowadays, you'll be fine.

    There is currently appreciable difference between DDR4 and DDR5 atm

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    Yeah I think you're right. I just checked and there arent even any DDR5 ram sticks in stock anywhere or it was very limited lol

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    you most likely won't see any difference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exkrementor View Post
    No, you shouldnt. People are still using DDR3 today. You´ll be fine
    this guy is right. I was using DDR2 until a couple years ago and it surprisingly worked well

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    No there is no reason to upgrade to DDR5 right now and likely won't be a reason for a few years.

    Also the cost alone doesn't justify it.
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