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    My question is are they going to rename anything with his name on it? The point they made was that they were doing that across the board, not just for people who had incidents because of the possibility of such. Like they LITERALLY removed lines in Auchindoun that were only accessible under certain circumstances that referred to non controversial devs.
    Since they air brushed out the father of OW from little references I don't see why they wouldn't brush out someone who has done considerably less.
    #1) MMO-C should be glad that the British Empire is no more, because they'd want a piece of all the copium trade here.
    #2) Angry players come to the forums to complain about the game... but what loser only comes to the forums to complain about the forums and its users?
    #3)Felating Blizzard too eagerly may lead to oxygen deficiency and worst case asphyxiation. Long-term effects range from delusions up to cerebral necrosis. #4) The WoW playerbase doesn't deserve housing.

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    naaaah, it just takes 8 years.

    after 5 years they cut the project and build in 3 years quickly some shooter out of it.
    Yeah... Then take another 5 years to iterate on a game mode they already made and make balance tweaks

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