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Ranged is easier than melee...lots of hunters would cry if survival was better...so the devs can't really make it better without having to deal with a river of tears, which is something they can't afford right now.

It's a good pvp spec...lots of cc and gap closers

Once again people talking like they're in the 1%...I have news for you, you probably aren't and never will be...you can act all elitist you want, that doesn't make you one.
Or, they could you know, reverted it back to ranged again when its quite obvious nobody wants to play it? Hell surv have been over the other speccs in terms of dmg, yet it was never picked so blizzard could buff them to hell and back and people still wouldnt touch them.

Its doing pretty well as a pvp specc, no denying in that but then again, pvp is very niche (and forgotten by blizzard since ages).
Dont put words in my mouth, ive never claimed to be a top 1% raider (i have never aimed for it either). however reading trends and seeing own setups from the plenty of mythic guilds ive been in, nobody seriously played surv and if they did they switched to range so we could have more useful meele speccs instead. But then again its blizzard we talking about, making good decisions and recognised and admit when they do wrong is something that doesnt exsist in their mind.