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    I won't take the bait of a stinking lalafell.

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    We had the same thing happening to our server at the end of MoP with people mass migrating to the last big German RP server. That one is in its death throes as well now.

    Once these communities are gone, they're never coming back. Sad to see.
    The absolute state of Warcraft lore in 2021:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Relapses View Post
    Yes Alex, I'll take "Things said every expansion since forever" for $1,000.
    Funny thing is, she/he is right. My server wasn't even this dead during BFA OR Warlords.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Utrrabbit View Post
    A quick look up will clearly state you are lying.

    As their are currently over 11k players on wrymrest.

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    Ion does not actually make that many choices. He never has. People especially these forums like to blame him since he spends most of his time in the media. But 99% of the choices are not his. His job is just to nake sure others are doung theirs. Story and everything else is dond by others.

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    No the issue is no one takes people who rp seriously and consider them jokes and not real gamers.
    i can provide screenshots during next peaktime if you don't believe me or you can just create a lvl 10 allied race on WRA and see for yourself how dead the server is. I can guarantee you the only people left playing on the server are tight guilds like the one I've been in for almost 2 years now, hardcore PVE'ers, collectors, and people who sparingly play the game
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    First of all, Danuser and Kotick didn't kill your server.

    Secondly, my server is still doing fine, not packed but still active.
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    Quote Originally Posted by McNeil View Post
    How did Ion dodge this accusation? The guy that actually makes most of the games decisions, not some shitty fanfiction writer or a women assaulting goblin.
    Because he keeps his mouth shut. He's a lawyer. He knows where flapping your lips gets you.

    Realistically at this point, the people that made WoW great are all gone. If people are expecting it to return to how it was, honestly the problem is them. Recognise patterns. The game is this way, because the dev and design team are this way. Even with a new CEO and story writer, this isn't going to change. Just walk away.

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    Nah, game is dying because it's old. Mmorpgs were never attractive for new players, 17 years old game is overwhelming for newcomers, they are behind in skill, gear, collection etc.

    People quitting for plethora of reasons, they move on with their lives, find other games to play, don't have the time, get bored and so on. As it's mmo player departure has a snowball effect with people quitting when they friends quit.

    Sure you can blame whoever you want (wtf kottick has to do with lore and RP servers I have no idea though) but the truth is wow was never very appealing for new players and the problem just gets worse as the game gets older. Who wants to invest his time in a game where other players had 17 years of a headstart?

    Also story and lore in MMORPG is not what keeps most playerbase hooked, and this statement alone gives out op as someone who has really bad judgment on whats the problem with wow nowadays.

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    Quote Originally Posted by melzas View Post
    Nah, game is dying because it's old.
    Doesn't outrule the possibility that Blizzard accelerates its demise.

    It's not like the game it unable bring in revenue by pickings it core audience and catering to it.
    Classic and TBC have shown that an older audience is certainly not aversed in returning to the game.
    Quote Originally Posted by melzas View Post
    Also story and lore in MMORPG is not what keeps most playerbase hooked, and this statement alone gives out op as someone who has really bad judgment on whats the problem with wow nowadays.
    I think that is a false assumption.

    MoP was famously lambasted for its theme and Blizzard even admitted that they underestimated the backlash towards Pandaren.
    MoP also incidentally happened to be the first expansion that didn't gain player (or at least maintain) players with an expansion launch.
    It's no surprise that Blizzard followed it up with WoD, an expansion that had "Savage" written all over it and frankly, barring the Time travel stuff, had very core Warcraft aspects.
    Which was also reflected in the massive sub gain with WoD launch, only to utterly disappoint with the rest of the expansion.

    While not strictly tied to the story, the theme of an expansion certainly matters and can alienate players if the theme is not coherent with their vision of "Warcraft".

    Blizzard already backtracked on this, Ion said before the launch of Shadowlands that it would be the "first step" into a more cosmic story, now a few weeks ago he strongly hinted at a return to Azeroth with the next expansion.
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    My server has been dead for more than a decade lol.

    My hordies are on Draenor though, full of life.
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    This thread was borderline at the start, but appears to have gone into "WoW is Dying/Dead" territory and will now be closed.

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