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    I mean the devs already stated the changes are due to internal reasons and removing what "the rot" touched for a completely clean slate. I don't think they mind sexy stuff, but we don't know the connotations the removed things have behind the scenes.

    We could speculate about it all-day, from my pov I suspect quite a chunk of it relates to some tasteless behavior the devs don't want to be reminded of every day. None of it really matters, most of this topic is used by bandwagoners to make money and cause drama from a place of false concern. Can't really go "fuck Blizzard for allowing the devs to get harassed, but fuck the harassed devs for making a healthier environment for themselves." with a rational mind.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyriani View Post
    Here ya go!

    Boobslider when??
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daronokk View Post
    You do realize that over the years the Succubus model received more armor to cover more of her skin, right? Iconic my ass. When you stop and think about what a succubus is then it doesn't make sense to cover her up in more armor. It was only done to please the toxic feminists crying sexism.
    they changed the Succubus design in 2005 and haven't touched it since other then making it HD, it seems kinda unlikely the 2005 dev's were trying to please feminist.
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