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    “We are all made of stars”. Finally constellars to be the First Ones confirmed. Shame that Rygelon has to die just so people would open their eyes.

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    I did a walk through of the new zone.

    It’s visually pretty great. Has an interesting vibe. Much cooler walking through myself, than it was in the video.

    First impression - Its aesthetically one of best they’ve ever done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TbouncerT View Post
    Obviously torghast is not meant for people like you, and it isn't meant to be done around similar times as rifts/greater rifts. If anything, it's on par with running a m+ or raid ranges, depending on what you're doing.
    Only if you want a flawless run. Tbh Torghast can cover for pretty much anyone's abilities, only ppl refuse to do lower level ones if they struggle with higher ones. Not quite sure why, since you get the most ashes at lower levels.
    And the only thing you get from flawless is a death bound shard which you c as n already buy from a vendor at 3k research.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Donald Hellscream View Post
    Had it been the actual retail version of the patch, then maybe there would something about it, or the launch of the next expansion.

    But no one in their right mind thinks that this is somehow a ploy to draw people away from FF14, how the fuck do you expect a build on the ptr to compete with the launch of an expansion for a increasingly popular mmo? Thats right, it won't and no one, least of all Blizzard thinks that.
    It's called generating hype and interest. They need to keep the game in the news.

    This is actually a really normal practice from blizzard for many years.

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