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    Would be nice if we already did a covenant campaign on our main that we can just buy the anima campaign gear on our alts. I thought they said they were making this stuff account wide and not having to redo the story stuff? Am I missing something?
    Because creating second character is your responsibility and your willingness to play the game second time?

    The better question is: Why would they always give your alts the staff for free when other people mains had to actually complete something to attain it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shise View Post
    Same, I buy the mythic stuff from the ah. Those 2/3 pieces plus a lego give you a decent boost not to waste too much time killing mobs around..
    But then it become silly to grinf for ilvl 200´s, inferior to some of the stuff you wear while grinding them... and the upgrading takes so long that, by the time you have it 6/6, you dont need that shit anymore anyway!
    Yeh, I think I’ll go till tier 4 and then will probably stop and start with another alt or probably unsub again till 9.2 at minimum.

    D3 Season 25 will start on Friday, so I’ll be probably busy with that anyways.

    It’s a real pity that WoW solo paths are soooo bad compared to D3.

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