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Yes its not that simple, its just not what im discussing here. I'm here purely arguing against an incredibly untrue statement that says people can't play what they want to play. You can 100% get into a (mythic)raiding guild playing any spec you enjoy and the biggest wall is going to be skill/level of play. I hear you on class utility making certain classes required sometimes on 1 fight sometimes on every fight and disparity in healer usage in particular. We'd probably agree on 90% of things on those topics but they don't blanket prevent people from playing specs they want as a whole. Heck I can play the most meta tank out there but if the raid I want to go to doesn't need a tank, they aren't gonna take me right.

If you start factoring in things like, whats the raids current comp, which players are weakest, which roles are weakest, what classes cheese the fight etc anyone playing anything could potentially be sat on a fight. Even on a fight like sylv I(and I assume most raids) would rather bring an extra warlock vs a moonkin that dies a bunch yea?
Agreed. So to sum it up, you can play whatever you want, but some classes are way more desirable than others so it’s not always easy to play your chosen spec.