Thread: Where's Zovaal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Utrrabbit View Post
    The jailers design is awesome.
    Not really. Looks exactly like your generic death-themed enemy. A bit flashier than the Lich King from 2008 but that's about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hellobolis View Post
    the beard covers his chest.

    so you would have to come up with an alternative way to show that he is missing a part of himself. a hole in his chest is a very obvious way to do that.
    Maybe not be so heavy hannded in the metaphor, or have his beard fly up at some point to show it as a surprise.

    Its weird how his armored self still has a chest hole.

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    Quote Originally Posted by olddog View Post

    Can you find him?

    I can't tell the difference.
    The one with the massive blue hole in the chestplate maybe?

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    Guys who have cool pictures from the real game, show cool screenshots of game moments, love it))
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    Quote Originally Posted by Myradin View Post
    He stands out, but I do wish they'd done something more than just 'big LK'. Like, something that would resemble the arbiter but in his domination style.
    The arbiter was meant to be different so it really shouldn't have looked like him. The 4 other leaders were going with the whole "he's bad and flawed since he questioned the design!" so they most certainly wanted a clear distinction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Myradin View Post
    Its weird how his armored self still has a chest hole.
    It's so we can attack his weak point for massive damage.

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