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    almost everyone to blizz - stop with one expac systems and borrowed power

    blizz - we got you.. one patch system, that basically does nothing to progress your character.
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    I saw the image and knew it was gonna be another system. Im absolutely dumbfounded at how out of reach Blizzard is with their player base.

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    To answer my question from earlier about "Which one of these unlocks Flying"


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    Quote Originally Posted by natham View Post
    So much miss the simplicity of this game...
    Can they FOR ONCE not tack on another convoluted systems on top of all the other shit?? Can't we just level up, do content, get gear and that's it?

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    Such a convoluted system, yeeeeeeeeesh.

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    Haven't even maxed out Korthia yet, certainly will skip this, cba to read all this stuff. It doesn't feel like playing a game, more like studying shit, more like work tbh.
    How fun

    One more parasitc borrowed power system that will be redundant 11 months after its release. Absolutely worth it. Not.

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    another system that no one want and need ... is that hard to get over it we are tired of that shit ? Ive just unsubbed that sad game.

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