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    This thread just shows the all-time low of the 'copium' forum trolls.

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    You see a person that spent tons of time farming gear just exploit and yolo himself in to a permanent ban in a spectacular way, propably because of both ABK and the games state.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deenman View Post
    playing the game normaly and doing nothing abnormat cant be considered an exploit,just like if i drop a 100$ bill and you find it later isnt stealing
    Finding money and keeping it is actually theft or larceny, depending on your state's legal wordage.

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    I mean I gotta hand it to the exploiters, their trolling is at least on point, lol.
    #1) MMO-C should be glad that the British Empire is no more, because they'd want a piece of all the copium trade here.
    #2) Angry players come to the forums to complain about the game... but what loser only comes to the forums to complain about the forums and its users?
    #3)Felating Blizzard too eagerly may lead to oxygen deficiency and worst case asphyxiation. Long-term effects range from delusions up to cerebral necrosis. #4) The WoW playerbase doesn't deserve housing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tehdef View Post
    And then they took those 100's to wall street and bet on the stock market you fucking schmuck.

    You make it sound like they didn't actively take what they DIDNT EARN and applied it unfairly to other people.

    You're a problem and probably a trump voter and it's disgusting that you think that's acceptable and your "logical conclusion" ends short of full application of the whole point.

    Fucking whoosh dude. Whoosh.
    I love that you had to mention Trump. What a weird little person you are.
    I <3 JK Rowling.

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    Im not surprised Blizzard left open transfers from established realms to the season of Mastery realm. Classic case of them just phoning it in..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pendragon View Post
    I love that you had to mention Trump. What a weird little person you are.
    I still have no clue if he was agreeing with me (passive aggressively) or trying to make some point
    I believe you have my stapler...

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    This company is literally a bad meme at this point.

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    i hope blizzard fixes the issues and ban this pos who all took part of this bug. Stop being nice to streamers who exploit ur systems.

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