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    Allied Races for 10.0

    I open this post to discuss the possible allied races that we could obtain for the next expansion as it is not yet known what the future expansion will deal with, I will limit myself to the races that are allied to the Alliance and Horde factions.

    I will only be able to do the two races that in my opinion have the best chance of entering.

    Krokul:For the alliance we have the KroKul that we have had since the Burding Crusade expansion, like the ones that were introduced in the Argus patch during the Legion expansion, who could be led by Nobundo or Akhama.

    Ogres: for the Horde we would tend to the Ogres which in my opinion is one of the most anticipated races for Horde players, also after the recruitment of the Mag'har Orcs from the Alternative Draenor I think that the possibilities of obtaining them as Allied races increased considerably.

    Well these are my two options that have the best chance of becoming allied races that we could obtain for the next expansion.

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