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    Mage tower tomorrow

    Looking forward to it?

    I admit I am mildly concerned with how little testing its had but overall I am looking forward to playing through it and seeing what has changed.

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    Did all 36 specs in Legion, gonna try to do as many as I can this time around. I'm mostly hoping there aren't any game-breaking bugs tomorrow; I plan on spending most of my play time next week doing Mage Tower.
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    Had totally forgot about TW until yesterday. Gotta resub for that Legion magic <3

    Was going to come back for 9.2, but time to make my Survival Hunter main already.
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    I'm actually more concerned that they buffed some of it yesterday - a few of these challenges were quite overtuned on the PTR already ...

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    Kinda looking forward.
    I will go shaman for at least 9.2 and that recolor happens to rock.

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    My goal for the first time Legion TW is gonna be around is to get the mount (as a mage main, i can't NOT have it) and the sets for all clothies, druid form (had the original too), shaman and DH. Hope it won't be as hard for non optimized chars.

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    I'm not particularly looking forward to having to do the Black Rook Hold scenario again. And I'm pretty concerned about how well it's going to be balanced with them disabling all legendaries and all of the other extra power systems.

    But the sets look nice, and the mount is pretty cool, so I'll be getting around to it eventually.

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    I'm not looking forward to it. My main's spec was the most frustrating thing before it got nerfed and two of my class specific abilities weren't working in it so I don't expect it to be any better.
    I'm afraid it will be like proving grounds where scaling was out of whack in some of the expansions after it came out. Like when you had to dispell two things at the same time and now you have a CD of 8s in between and an undispelled debuff would go off and wipe your entire party. I'm actually thinking of only trying it on my main and if I get frustrated just skip it altogether. I like the book mount, but not enough to get frustrated in a game.

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    What a time in WoW, that this is the re-hashed content people are excited about.

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    I did it back in 'Legion' and got all I wanted for it.

    I don't see the appeal anymore, now that the cosmetic rewards are not available. Although, Druids will get a chance at Biceps Bear again so that's nice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slime View Post
    What a time in WoW, that this is the re-hashed content people are excited about.
    God forbid anybody have an opinion of this game that isn't "lol gaem ded, ded gaem is ded y u play ded gaem????"

    OT: Excited to get the Werebear, unsure if I'll do anything else.

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    Nope. Not gonna re-sub for re-used content.

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