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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheezits View Post
    Ironically Vulpera, despite having no lore as of right now, are one of the more classic-feeling WoW races in terms of their simple culture and allegiance (you help me I join you, just like the Darkspear and Tauren).
    This, as well as the fact that they are just normal folks, not blueberry emo elves, or super uber magic users aka Belfs 2.0 - my favourite ARs are probably KT and Zandalari, but vulpera aren't too far behind.

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    I'm the mechagnome named diaperclamps
    I'm not the vulpera player who ERPs
    But having a mobile checkpoint you can return to is OP, leveled my vulpera to 60 during DMF week and it's very satisfying to pop back to the carousel every hour on the dot and just hearth back to where I was questing
    I'd actually like to play my vulpera monk more but still waiting on cross faction guilds
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    What in the necromancy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Le Conceptuel View Post
    What in the necromancy?
    its not that bad,seen way fouler necrotic arts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Val the Moofia Boss View Post
    Tauren were anything but that. They were dirty, hulking, inhuman beastmen. If you walked up to a Tauren and called him a "furry", he would tear you limb from limb on the spot.
    First off don't cut yourself on all that edge
    Secondly it depends on the person.....there are Pandaran and Vulpera who probably see themselves as you see Tauren. Meanwhile if you think there aren't Female Tauren walking around with a milking fetish you are blind.

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    I wouldn't call a Tauren a furry...but I might "moo" in his general direction.
    Tauren are my favorite Horde race. The Native American motif added well to them.

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    I race swaped to Vulpera when they became available for one reason and one reason only;

    They're the best race if you're a Collector. Being able to quickly teleport anywhere in the outdoor World to check for that Rare Spawn, or to quickly turn off WM on the spot for whatever reason. And, ofc, the 8 exfra bag slots.

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    My 2nd character is a Vulpera and I don't even watch anime let alone furry crap. They remind me of the Disney Robin Hood and they make a great choice for Rogue.

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