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    Education is a never ending concept. If you feel you finished at 20, you have yet to learn anything.
    Totally agree with you. Education is not about having some documents, it is about the way of life.

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    No clue. Probably 17 or 18?
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    39. I took my time.

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    I haven’t finished it yet. Forever student. Hahaha
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    24, that was a good time.

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    Hopefully by 26. We will see.

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    i was around 23 years old when i left my higher studies and started working for the opening of xxxtentacion merchandise

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chicken Drummer View Post
    I was 20.///
    NEVER!!!! Always learning, always exploring, and always learning more. Why would you want it otherwise? That sounds like a boring way to live IMHO. Why do people seem to want to end their education and not explore what the world has to offer?

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    I am 33 and completing a part time masters degree. Covid compounded a lot of my study, but I still plan to do something else in a few years once I've saved up enough money. You are never too old to study

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