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    [Megathread] Torchlight: Infinite - Mobile Game


    New Torchlight game coming and yes, it's a mobile game. Nope, not from any of the original crew from Runic or Echtra, PWE owns the IP and it's being develped by a Chinese company called XD.

    Immediately there are a TON of red flags for series fans, yeah. But like...it kinda actually looks good?


    Visually looks good, gameplay looks solid with lots of big AoE, dead enemies, big bosses, and fast movement. Apparently it's got a bit of a stripped down skill modding system with a few layers to it and allows for enough customization for characters to play outside their traditional roles (i.e. big guy can be a caster, caster dude can be a melee mage).

    And apparently Google is releasing a Windows version of the Play Store next year, so that means that we'll be able to play it on PC. I hope they'll have some kinda UI update for it but whatever, I'm happy with more Torchlight.


    Beta signups apparently going on now.

    Cinematic announce trailer. It's fun and it is on-brand for Torchlight sorta but...man does it feel like the Borderlands and League of Legends inspiration is a bit on the nose. But still fun, and there's a catgirl so that's cool.

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    I'm sad that it's a mobile game, but I'll definitely give it a shot when it comes out, or at least keep an eye on it during development. Generally I can't stand playing any game on my phone for long without my hands falling asleep, so I am glad that there is at least a basic PC port planned as well. I hope monetization isn't too borked on release, even though it most likely will be.

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    I am interested in this as my typical mobile games of DC Legends and Black Desert Mobile are getting a little stale lately.

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    Don't care about cinematic trailers, but i'm mildly intrigued. Not a huuuge fan of the series, but this might work on mobile.

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    Was a huge fan of Torchlight II and I had high hopes for Torchlight III... but we all see what happened with that.

    Something about playing an Action-RTS/hack-and-slash game on a mobile phone is not really appealing to me.

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