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    [H]<The Fridge Raiders> 5/10M on kazzak recruiting.

    **Recruiting** all dps for the current tier and 9.2
    **Recruiting** healer, prefer Shaman, Dpriest
    *Painsmith best try 12%*

    **Raiding days:**

    Thursday and Sunday **19.45 - 23.00**

    Be social, be nice and cool with the other ppl in the guild .
    No mythic experience? Well make sure u have some nice HC Logs or history in raiding
    We are organizing heroic raids and also a 3/10M monday raid to tryout new raiders.

    We also welcome raiders with experience for the current tier to help us out kill more bosses.

    **About the guild:**

    This is a casual guild that want to push forward into next raiding tier with better progression. Our progress might be low in the current tier, however we have alot of
    activity outside the raids, M+ and other events.

    **About me:**

    I am Xenake, i use to be the guildmaster/rl from the gulid Victus on Shattered hand for 10 years with multiple CE's experience, i recently joined this guild and i would like to help and push it to the next level in raiding to see more mythic bosses in a good relaxed atmosphere where is room for fun and human mistakes, but still get through it and maybe get CE this time.

    Interested for a chat? or more information?

    Add Razier#2960

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    Update we are on 7/10M now

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