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    Quote Originally Posted by Steelangel View Post
    My class fantasy for warrior has never been "inventory management".
    Today you have a lot more inventory management then a stance dance warrior back then, thanks to all the different trinkets, legendarys, talents and covenants zu can switch on the fly.

    All you have to do was putting a /equip 2handed makro in Battle/Berserkstance and a /equip 1hand+shield + Spellreflect makro + /equip 1hand + shield makro for dstance, cause the abillitys u wanna use with 1hand/shield were just useable in dstance, except spellreflect.

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    Water breathing for shaman. And while we're at it, frostfire bolt for mages.

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    Symbiosis was super cool but you really shouldn't need more than a tooltip to know what an ability does, so I really don't think it was good design. Maybe a simplified version.

    For me, Burst of Speed on my rogue for sure. I still catch myself hitting the keybind sometimes.
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    Definitely rogue Burst of Speed. I don't even PvP, and my rogue hasn't been my main since vanilla. It was just a hella-fun button to press.

    Second would be Spectral Guise, a priest ability that let them essentially vanish to leave combat. Really nice soloing and leveling.

    And third, the DK ability that let you res people as a ghoul for a minute after dying. Again not really powerful, but extremely cool and thematic.
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    Void Shift was super satisfying if you managed to save someone's life with it, and Cascade had the best spell effect ever. Ultimately I'd go with Spectral Guise though for the pvp practicality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KOUNTERPARTS View Post

    My personal is Claws of Shirvallah talent for Feral Druids that was available during WoD.
    Even if it was only a glyph appearance/ something from the Barbershop, I 100% want werecat back as well.
    Was so disappointed back in Legion, when the Mage tower gave us werebear, but instead of matching werecat, we got a neon cat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LarryFromHumanResources View Post
    Prismatic Crystal for arcane mage

    Big explosive shiny purple gem, what's not to like?
    The tank pulling the mobs/boss away from it.

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    Old school Aspect of the Pack for hunters.

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    Mage armors.

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    Symbiosis. There was just so much flavor in that ability, and it was very fun to use.

    Honorable mention: Jab. It allowed Monks to swing their equipped weapon. To this day I have no idea why they removed it.

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    They removed a lot of fun abilities because they were too much fun. Man, I wonder why the game is so bad now.

    Cascade though.

    Gust of Wind would probably my 2nd choice.

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    For actual/practical use, Symbiosis.

    For the humor/utility factor, Divine Intervention. DI was great for cutting down on your repair bill and shortening the run back time in instances that were insanely large (ToT is where I remember getting the most use out of it, running back after a wipe was absurd for some of the bosses in there). It was also hilarious to use it on someone who didn't know it existed, the reactions from people thinking their game had broken was pretty funny.
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    druid symbiosis, mage deep freeze, rogue burst of speed, priest mind spike, warlock felflame, etc...

    Just MoP class design, essentially.

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    Reverting the biggest character nerf in the entire history of wow: Burst of Speed.

    Other strong contenders:
    - Gust of Wind (the removal killed the Shaman class for me, never touched it again)
    - Original WotF (20s immunity, no shared CD)
    - What was that monk potion, like a second trinket?
    - Glyph of Concussive Shot, if you know what it did...

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