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    Any others having a problem getting the Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle for transmog?

    I really want it...I keep running Kara, not only do I almost never get the Red event, the times I have it never dropped. I can get the Red event like once every 10-20 of the other events....is there something I'm missing?

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    Random is Random..

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    Got some fond memories with that gun,was the first item i got from kara my first time there

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    The event is still there, it's just random. Got my Gun a few weeks ago.
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    If I remember correctly, I had some real bad RNG in my farming for the rifle. Took a good 8 months of regular farming for the stars to align with the event, and the drop. Was the same for the Golden Bow of Quel'thalas from SWP. Just gotta keep going in the hope, but with RNG being what it is, it may drop on the next pull you do, or it may never drop for ya. Good luck though!

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    well its RNG unfortunately, if you have alts that can use guns i recommend you to run it with those too for extra chance. Allthought that gun brings me back memories, it was the first epic i ever got from the first time i ever raided back in TBC. it still is in my bank to this day and i will never get rid of it.

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    I can relate to your pain with Karazhan. Farming The Decapitator and Malchezar from Prince. I am close to 30 kills now and neither will drop. Having to deal with the painfully RNG based Chess event so much is killing me

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    Yeah RNG is RNG. Got the gun on maybe my 3-4th try?
    Guns suck in general to mog farm, pretty sure only Hunter, Rogue and Warrior can even get it.
    Funnily enough I never got Thoridal on my Hunter, it's on my Rogue on a dead server.
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    I feel the frustration. It took me forever and a day to get that rifle to drop. My suggestion is that, if you have a warrior or rogue alt who is at a high enough level to zerg Kara, run them also every week. Remember, although they no longer use ranged weapons, they still technically can roll on them/have them appear in the loot table. Just a friendly suggestion from a retired hunter.
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    ive run naxx 25 prolly a 100 times and still havnt had arrowsong drop from patchwerk. Sometimes you just get really shitty luck.

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    I remember the annoyance of farming Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle. That RNG compounding RNG made the farm incredibly frustrating. To help with the tedium, I completed the Nightbane questline and farmed the Nightbane and Attumen mounts. Good luck with the mog though; as annoying as the farm is, it was definitely worth it for me as Wolfslayer was one of my most commonly mogged appearances.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deenman View Post
    Got some fond memories with that gun,was the first item i got from kara my first time there
    same, wasnt a bad gun too back in the days. i still have it in my bank since TBC

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