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    Then why all the backlash against me? If you are using pirate servers, you have NO SAY in how much the cost is in Canada. BTW, most provinces in Canada DID cause the cost to go up as they added taxes and the such to Blizzard. You don't expect ANY company to charge you the same amount and then have to pay your government those taxes that the company has to legally charge and then pay, do you? As I stated in my first response you replied to, you can blame your government. Blizzard isn't going to pay out almost as much money as they charge you just so you can play their game. And no, there is no white knighting here. That is common business sense.
    Sorry I just get heated sometimes, I cannot defend corporations and their bullshit anymore.
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    Work with different time lines. As example you can relive any expansion but only 1 is canon. That is why a World revamp is a MUST in 10.0
    Imagine being new and having no clue why Thrall is Warchief and 1 day later he is just a random nobody and 1 day later he is back to being some Shaman God.

    But it requires a bit revamp and it really depends on how deducated Blizzard is with their franchise.

    We can hope!
    Yes I agree!

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    I was wondering the same thing. The games that have been running 10+ years how many of the just "restarted" where progress is lost and just remove everything and start back at expansion 1 with you keeping everything you got.
    I never said for them to delete everything story-wise. Just trim the fat and make an agreed upon cannon and roll it togther in a linear storyline for the player character to follow. Like a toned down Main Story Questline like how they do it in FFXIV, but with the quests being more to the point and also allowing the player character to get off the train whenever they felt like it by just doing side quests and such. Then if they wish come back to it later. That way it becomes a streamlined experience telling a fluid story.

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    What about all the items (pets, cosmetics, mounts, etc) people have collected over time in various expansions?

    Will all that get thrown out for a hard reset?

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