After today's change and not seeing a thread on it, and with me being as unlikely to change my class/spec as I am to be hit by lightning, I figured it was time.

2pc: Every 30 Rage you spend gives a stack of Seeing Red. At 8 stacks of Seeing Red, it becomes Outburst, which immediately grants Ignore Pain while making your next Shield Slam or Thunderclap +200% damage. (It used to be Ignore Pain or the damage)
4pc: Avatar increased damage done by another 10%, reduces damage taken by 10%, and immediately gives Outburst.

Assumption: You can continue to build stacks of Seeing Red while Outburst is active.

Obviously, this is not an enormous, monstrous benefit. I don't think it's supposed to be. I won't mind Avatar having more defense than a root break. I don't at first glance see any change in our abilities or rotation from the 2pc bonus, it just randomly makes them a little better. If I'm right and you can save up Outburst while still building Seeing Red, it might make tank swaps more fun. Taunt, Outburst Shield Slam, threat lead confirmed.

This also screams "you have to take Anger Management now" to me. Yeah I know, it was already the go-to choice, maybe that's what created this tier bonus in the first place. But now it feels damn near mandatory.

What do you think? Will it cause any changes for you and your Prot Warrior?