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    More DPS slots in groups? My take on the result: the group leaders would just spend more time waiting for those extra slots to be filled with "FotM spec & higher IO than mine." The unfortunate not-so-meta classes/specs would still be left forming their own groups.
    Would also mean that the developers were to face a new puzzle of balancing out stuff. Which they obviously won't do at this stage of the game in general.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arkanon View Post
    Look at you go - still arguing about the difficulty being comparable to LFR - who are you even arguing with at this point? YOU are the only one comparing it to LFR.....
    You keep talking to me about it. If you want to change the subject, change it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Self Inflicted Wounds View Post

    This isn't really proof, sorry.
    Do you think anyone competent at video games, with six months of practice, would have trouble clearing LFR?

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