<Half Credit> is a semi-hardcore multi-CE guild that stands out for it's culture of respect, friendliness, and inclusiveness. We are a motivated and goal oriented group, that aims to have fun progressing through each tier while not wasting peoples time.

Raid Times and Days:
- Weekday team 10/10M SoD - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 10pm-1am EST.
- Weekend team 5/10M SoD - Friday, Saturday 11pm-2am EST.
- Heroic Sales - Sundays 10pm-12.30am EST.

Recruitment Needs:
- Weekday team: Boomkin, Enhance Shaman, and any exceptional players.
- Weekend team: Any dps except Rogue. Healer. Tank position available.

Raid Requirements:
- Good attendance, punctuality.
- Willingness to sit.
- Positive attitude.
- Competency in your role, with a strong knowledge of your class and spec.
- Good working knowledge of each raid boss and their respective mechanics.
- Relevant mythic experience.
- Stable internet connection.

Contact Information:
Discord - Harju#0001
Bnet - FullMango#21615