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    I'd argue this is an entirely social problem. Tanking is easy and fun. People avoiding it do so due to other players.
    Social problems can be addressed with incentives. It's not easy, but possible.

    They probably need to increase tank DPS considerably, preferably where you can make a significant survivability tradeoff. Instead of hitting x you hit y when you want to do huge damage. For example, if prot pal had something like Templar's Verdict as prot where you could do twice the damage but not get the active mit that would be great. Also, all tanks need a dps cooldown at a minimum.

    I think a lot of people don't realize how easy tanking is 99% of the time, but it's boring as hell because you do so little dps that it barely matters how you use your buttons. I had fun for a while this patch trying to do max DPs as a paladin (which is very high, can often beat mediocre dps players) but that's not true for most specs. And never true for single-target.
    A better way to think about Casual v Hardcore:

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    This is thorgast tbh. Theres no requirement except capability. We do want to spread tanks and healers more ? I think not. In that system 1tank and 1healer require min 1dpser so for example we got like 2tanks 2healers and 10dpsers. 1tank pair with 1healer and 1dps and 8dpsers still lookin for grp. I know u mean flexible. Maybe for leveling dungeons its good idea when we do need one more anyone or there is 7 ppl in a que for same dung. But im still not sure. It could be a messy merge 5 ppl isnt that hard.
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