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    So you would come back if they just removed the sub? Interesting. I'm sure you have some gameplay related thing
    Sure I would, but here's the thing. In the end of my run I felt that I spent every moment on WoW, ontop of a roof in Stormwind talking shit with other players. Which was great fun, but discord doesn't charge me a fee for it. I ended up not playing it for the game itself. If the sub disappeared, I would be right back on the roof talking shit and avoiding the incessant grinds, the poor story, pathfinder, toxicity of LFG, and another twenty things. All in all, too much would have to be done for me to play it as it's meant to again and that's not happening. I imagine things are going to get alot worse.

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    - accountwide rep and „systems“ progress
    - no „systems“
    - no crap story

    (i am not unsubbed at the moment, but i am for sure unsubbed, 2-3 months into 9.2 and if next xpac is a more-of-the-same SL‘like xpac again, i am unsubbed forever, for 100%. maybe 16 years subbed is enough).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glorious Leader View Post
    More systems
    More borrowed power
    ouch, that sarcasm make my balls feel painful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Osmeric View Post
    Indeed. The most enjoyment I could get out of the game going forward is watching it crash and explode in the most spectacular fireball possible.
    The way things are going, WoW is going to implode rather than explode. Catering to a tiny % of your playerbase at the detriment of almost everyone else cannot end otherwise.

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