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Well, to reiterate, connected realms basically serves the same function as a merger but without people having to give up their unique identity that they may have culminated. And, I'm sorry... no. MMOs can serve as an equally relaxing escape as single player. I am uncertain why "servers merge" is the hill you want to die on, when they have already solved this problem with connected realms.

Not only that, but server groups put more people out in the world beyond the connected realms. The issue isn't that the players are too spread out over realms, it's that not as many people are out and about playing the world content.

And, as for the poll? It's a TEENY, TINY sampling of ONE demographic that happens to spend time here on MMO-C. It doesn't really depict what the whole of the community does or doesn't want.
You do realise that is mostly how polls work, you talk to an amount of people and see the result and so on. I bet if i do the same poll on another site it will remain the same. It gives you clear sight where interest lays at even if its a small scale compared to the big numbers.

Right now most people on here are still on denial by losing their name, their name.... Just merge it all togheter.