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    Quote Originally Posted by Triceron View Post
    Reminds me of the Dragon Disciples prestige class from D&D. I like it
    Or the 5e/Pathfinder Sorceror which, often, gets powers from dragon blood.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aucald View Post
    Though you could also have a possible mechanic where you could "overcharge" the secondary gauge and perhaps force an involuntary transformation, basically going berserk for a short time but maybe also having some deleterious effects on yourself or others?
    Tbh, this sounds like a mechanic that is all fun and roleplay in vanilla, then gets slowly depreciated until it's completely removed in MoP or Legion. This kind of double edged gameplay tends to disappear, sadly.

    Quote Originally Posted by Aucald View Post
    I would also agree that "Sorcerer" as a name for this kind of class doesn't fit, either. Kind of hard to think of a class name that really sums up the class, though. "Dragon Knight" seems more melee-oriented, whereas "Dragon Mage" feels a bit redundant. "Mageblade?" "Draconic Adept?" "Scalesworn?" "Talon Mage?"
    In wowpedia mortals who become servants of the dragonflight are called drakkonid, but I guess it's a little light. Scalesworn sounds cool though. Dragonsworn or Dragonbound would be fine by me.

    Also, to OP, another thing I quite don't get is that some flights are missing. I understand that Ysera is absent and Wrathion isn't an Aspect yet, so your choices are the most logical. But it's a shame to have a dragon class that can't access the powers of all dragons.

    I think a return of the Aspects could be the opportunity to lose the color locking of their powers, by having all the dragons indiscriminately sharing the magic of the Aspects. That way you, as their servant, would benefit from a wide variety of spells.

    The Lifebinder would be able to heal but also purify with nature magic and protect with earth magic.

    The Ranged spec could cast arcane spells, but also time and sleep spells for cc and spit acid.

    The Melee spec could use magma and venom attacks as well as their time magic or close combat arcane spells.
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    This is actually a really cool concept, I would resub to try this class out
    Quote Originally Posted by Kaleredar View Post
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    I was wondering when Tinker boy would show up to shit on someone else's class concept. It only took 2 posts.
    Quote Originally Posted by Shadoowpunk View Post
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    Ideologically old SP+mage+shaman+(only)"dragons" - a very blurry concept... but who am I to criticize "blurriness". But name is really quite controversial. Hmm, it's the same way like friend tried to explain concept of sorceress from BDO (which also somewhat contradicts its DnD version) to me and it all ended with somewhat similar sequence of "addends", only from some other classes.

    ...such is kind of my opinion.

    ps. Yet looks a little meaningless/confusedly/chaotic (not sure which word fits better) against background of other concepts.
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