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What evidence of Dragon Isles is there? Isn't there a single canonical reference to it in the whole game?
The first canonical mention was during BFA.


Hello, I was told to expect you, Kindly hand over the scale.
We will, of course, compensate you.
First in information. Have you heard of the Dragon Isles? Few have, and fewer have been there.
We have not found others of the master's kin... forthcoming in information.
Should you uncover anything further in your travels, we will be awaiting a visit, with payment in kind.
And second, in this Azerite you are seeking. Here, a hefty sum for your troubles.

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That wasn't the premise though.

The two factions discovered a brand new landmass and both rushed to strip it of its resources during a war.
True, but what you've posted could be tweaked to suit my suggestion. "The two factions discovered the long forgotten landmass and both rushed to seek ancient secrets to help their world heal."