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    What if 10.0 is void but...

    Actually i'm not going to speculate, making fake leaks etc, it is just my loud thinking.

    What if 10.0 is void, but placed in Emerald Dream? Seems legit?

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    So a void I invasion of the Emerald Dream? I mean it's possible, it was set up in the Emerald Nightmare Raid.

    I reckon however the Void in the Emerald Dream will be used along with the resurgent Twilight Dragonflight and Infinite Dragonflight as villains for a Dragon themed expansion. All those threats are subject to Void so reasonable they'd work together

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    I mean they did do the easter egg, with the Dagger Wafiu the "Lingering" pressense of the void, and the void flower.... But they all wwas pretty much abandoned plot points after legion

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