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    And I disagree. Telling someone "give hunters four abilities from Sylvanas" and calling it a day is essentially saying they'll never get Dark Rangers. Hunters do not satisfy this desire no more than engineers do for tinkers or death knights for necromancers. People asking for Dark Rangers don't want to be hunters, if they did there wouldn't be a demand. Hunters are not Dark Rangers. Do they bear similarities? Yes, but only in that they use ranged weapons and wear mail. None of those abilities fit the thematic of a hunter.

    Now I'd accept a class skin for hunters so long as I get access to character customization that gives me undead skin and red eyes for my belf, nelf and human characters. I'm still confused as to why Blizz didn't put these customization options in during Shadowlands when the main races were getting additions. Especially, since the customization is in the game's files and can quite literally be turned for players with a tag.
    There's literally no reason to add dark rangers. Since dark rangers are nothing but undead hunters. The word "ranger" is just what quel'dorei call hunters. They don't have any abilities entirely unique to them. Sylvanas has her powers because she's a banshee inhabiting her old body and empowered by the Jailer. All other dark rangers are not banshees.

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    And Death Knights are literally just dark warriors. If Blizzard wanted, they would make a DR class that's unique and different from Hunters. The only thing that's at play here is their willingness to do so. Anything else is totally irrelevant.
    Death knights actually have a bunch of spells and abilities unique to them. Dark rangers don't.

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    Well here is the Tinker turret ability in WoW;

    Rock-It! Turret
    25 yd range
    Instant 10 sec recharge
    2 Charges
    Summons a Rock-It! Turret at your feet for 15 sec that shoots rockets at a nearby enemy within 25 yards every 2 sec, dealing 3 Fire damage.


    Searing Totem (TBC)

    Searing Totem Rank 7
    205 Mana
    Fire Totem
    Summons a Searing Totem with 5 health at your feet for 1 min that repeatedly attacks an enemy within 20 yards for 50 to 66 Fire damage.

    So this shows the difference between the two abilities, because the player could only summon one Searing totem, and its range was only 20 yards. Not only does the Tinker totem have longer range, you can summon 3 of them before the first one expires. That already feels better than Searing totem ever did.

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    Even if the lore behind those creatures are not known to the player, they're still assets from the next expansion being used for the current expansion as a hint towards future content.
    Crazy how they have no health either, huh?

    Cause only shaman abilities are allowed to suck ;]
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaelthon
    do i wanting my cat come the expansion due to signifying a reroll fresh scratch the night elf mage?

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