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    Oh yeah I forget, we're going like 250 years in the future, Scourge on Azeroth have been eradicated thanks to our new Naaru Overlords courtesy of Turalyon and AU Yrel.
    Won't it be the other way around? Was the whole 'there must always be a lich king' not to stop the scourge killing everyone and everything if they were not controlled? 250 years in the future will be the Forsaken living in harmony with the Scourge with a small hold out of other races trying to survive. Omg it is the plot of their new game!!!!

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    So the crown of wills is empowering people with positive thinking? Uh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Souflikar View Post
    Sylvanas remarks that: "never again will a Lich King reign in Icecrown"
    I find this very disappointing
    Remember folks this is a warcraft chapter of warcraft 3 to finnaly finnish after years!! Thanks blizz

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theangryone View Post
    So the crown of wills is empowering people with positive thinking? Uh.
    Hence pelegos being perfecr pr in todays cociety.

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    Am I the only one getting Demon Soul/Dragon Soul vibes from this whole infusing the helm with the Will of these Heroes?

    It's the helm of domination after all... could be a backdoor domination to directly control them later.

    "The helm is then reforged into the Crown of Wills and you use it to grant its power to everyone around you."

    Grants power now? Later, AoE mind control.

    Dominated by the dark vs Blindly following the light.

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    New crown looks dumb.

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    How is this going to work if you need to do the Sepulcher raid up to this point? Do you not get to fight the Jailer until you've done this quest? You raid up to Anduin, stop, do the quest, and come back?

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    Sylvanas remarks that never again will a Lich King reign in Icecrown.
    Thats a turn of the "there always must be a lich king " hum? what about the scourge running rampant? what about the army of undead unleashed? that didn't pass trough Danuser head hum?

    and people have the wooden face to tell me, It was afrasiabi that was "sabotaging the game", when Danuser himself is doing in a daily basis, this is awful and the crown looks awful ;

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