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    Also, sure Blizzard isn’t innocent here too. They’ve made bad choices as well, and they most likely are very aware of the devolving nature of their playerbase. I think they’ve tried to accommodate, but in the end might have tried too hard to cater to the loudest of complainers, and that’s why I’ll say once more. Surveys. They can even be public with their surveys if they want that kind of transparency, but surveys would definitely be a tool against false overblown narratives, and what the playerbase really feels.
    Surveys are a good pulse check but I think a lot of people think survey and then immediately jump to the conclusion that their response to the survey is part of a democratic process where if they can convince enough people to agree with their perspective that whatever option they prefer will be put into action. I think that's why Blizzard doesn't use them much because of the community's tendency to hang on everything they say as unspoken promises of things they never said. I mentioned this in the first page of this thread but a good recent example is the Morgan Day interview about the new systems in 9.2. Players took his pre-9.2 interview to mean that they wouldn't have to do anything in 9.2 to get double Legendaries. When it eventually got datamined that double Legendaries were behind a reputation, players immediately jumped into attack mode and blamed Day for "duping" people into believing something that didn't happen. I saw people posting death threats to Blizzard devs on Twitter because of this misunderstanding. This isn't the first and almost definitely won't be the last time this has happened but I can understand why the devs would be cautious to speak to a community that almost universally resorts to the most extreme reaction possible whenever anything isn't exactly the way they thought it should be.

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    That is deeply sad. If you hate it that much then stop playing it.

    But I'm not really buying what you are saying. You are using much the same language as a relatively small group of streamers and it clear you have been heavily influenced even if subconsciously.

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    That's not how social media works. Social media pushes high engagement videos-which broadly speaking means highly negative rants do better. Eventually everyone notices this and makes negative videos to make money-if that is all that they want.

    Eventually asmongold and co began to notice they are killing the game that made them rich and begin to pull back to some extent. It is very cynical and disingenuous. Sad thing is a bunch of other people saw how much money they could make shitting on the game so now its not clear whether the process can be reversed.

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    I do not want my behaviour influenced. I do not want the Chinese social credits thought control system in a video game.
    did you even read what i wrote?, serious question, because it feels like you just skimmed the first line and are sticking to your tired out biased bullshit.

    the first time i quit the game, was shortly after 5.2 launched, when i started heroic progression in throne of thunder, and realised i was logging in out of social pressure and not because i was having fun or enjoying the game, i didn't touch it for over 2 years and only came back because an old friend convinced me to give it another try saying that so much had changed, i saw a Legion promo vid and assumed that was coming out soon, turns out at the time it was just the expansion announcement so i had to wade through 6 months of WoD content, i played through legion, all the while criticising the way blizz handled shit, and even though i was in the 1% of players, i wasn't really having fun and was once again logging in because of social pressure and the need for me to be there as a body, come BFA i was sick and tired of the same shit being re packaged and served up again trying to pass it off as new and halfway through mythic dazar'alor progression i took a break, quitting outright when nazjatar hit, and as i stated, haven't touched the game since, i would love for you to explain to me how i have been 'influenced' by streamers when my mindset and criticism of the game started in MoP, when i was telling people that things were just being recycled and nothing new was actually being added to the game, so again, tell me, how is it that my opinion or viewpoint has been 'influenced' by streamers when next to nobody at that time was talking like this?, if you can provide a legitimate response to these questions i'll happily concede, but jesus wept you're clutching at straws here.

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