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    Quote Originally Posted by The Stormbringer View Post
    I think a lot of old players miss the days of getting new skills or improved skills or new talents as they progress. I know I do.
    New skills, talents, and classes were always the highlight for me in any expansion announcement.

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    If you really want this to be an actual wishlist, make it one for 11.0 - because it's way too late to get suggestions into 10.0 at this point

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    I don't know...more work on classes, maybe a few customization options for lacking races (would like to see ear size adjustments for Nightborne since all the other elves have it)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swnem View Post
    Eerrrr... yeah, i'll take the Tinkers over another borrowed power system anytime, thanks.
    we dont do that here

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    I don't want any systems or borrowed powers or...ANYTHING outside of.

    My talent points.
    My tier set piece bonus(s).
    My pvp set piece bonus(s).
    My trinkets.

    That's all.

    And no I don't wanna play classic.
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    How about we get a talent system redesign that actually encompasses these creative ideas instead of forcing those things into borrowed power systems that have to be grinded out every expansion, for every class, for every spec only for things to be changed the next tier let alone expansion.

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    Making a good system is like trying to make a tasty meal out of human waste.

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    Overall really cool and solid suggestions. The seperation of power and lore/content choices is already a great start. The specific talent buffs suggestions seem too passive/too talent dependant (you'd probably be better off with specc-wide effects, as talent-wide effects are unlikely to see much play if other talents in their rows are dominant, which is sadly often the case).

    My personal wishlist is simply focusing on the fun aspects of previous systems:

    1)Very easy gear aquisition in pvp, in which 90% of player power is achievable without any rating, and rating/wins bring possibly the last 10%. The idea here is to have some sort of gear aquisition to those who love it, but make the most of it easy and fast so alts and novice players can get into the fun part of pvp rather then being crushed by higher geared people for 30+ battlegrounds. This will of course be faciliated by pvp stats/scaling so that this easy gear isnt too meaningful in pve. Rated gear can perhaps be stronger in pve as well, though never to a point pve focused players should feel they need to attain it.

    2)Choosing our own activities: I don't like Torghast, but i what i really hate about it is that i'm forced to do it for Legendaries. If i could chose to do it for non-power goals, or for solo only gearing up, i would have been much more open to eventually trying it and perhaps even loving it. Much like Horrific Visions in BFA, the problem isnt the content, but that you're forced to do it for other content you may care about more. I personally would prefer a return for base class power vs varying enemies though (like visions or timeless isle elites), as Torghast often messes with class's fundamental mechanics in ways that make their rotation nonsensical and unfun.

    3)Meaningful outdoors with a measure of solo challenge for those who like it. Its fine for most outdoors to be trivial, including the main story quests, but sprinkling more elite sidequests, or more 1-100% zones with optional elites that give faster % is an important part of making the world interesting. I especially believe this to be the case in endgame patch zones. The current model of almost never facing a challenge outdoors, except named "rares" that are often ganged up by dozens of players, isn't fun. Bring back dangerous mobs with different mechanics that tell a story through their power, and keep them optional enough for those who don't wish it. A helpful way to nudge this idea is to have elites in endgame zones drop large amount of a global currency (like timeless isle), so there's a reason to kill them for those who want to.

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    He said the word system! GET HIM!

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    It wasn't the borrowed power systems that turned me off when I returned to WoW. It was RNG wrapped around more RNG. With a flavoursome coating of RNG to finish it off. That shit might fly in D3 where you are pushing through rifts in a minute and gear drops like snow. But it's nonsense in a proper MMORPG.

    You want to fix anything, fix that.
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    1. a 'socketing' system for effects that are active in the world but drop on instanced content or during pvp.
    I dub this what soul binds should have been, optional boons for world content. No ilvl shenanigans, ranks can be unlocked and earned.

    2. Items and shrines akin to the timeless isle out in the world, shortish duration, dropped when entering instanced content. Large variety of items and buffs, reward exploration and outdoor rare/boss killing. This will naturally encourage grouping if it runs parallel to some progression thread.

    3. Do not tie pvp talents to warmode being activated in the world. These systems being linked doubles down on the exp and reward boosting that is already a benefit, these spells and passives should be available to both options, especially punishing for players avoiding PvP but who are new to the game, never learning their utility.

    4. Progression systems that run parallel with content type. What I mean by this, is systems such as the legendary questline from MoP having collect quests from raid bosses.
    Encourage players to engage in their preferred content to work toward the rewards that benefit that content type. Now PvP players did not enjoy this, but more clever design might be in order.

    5. Plan around patch catch-up and alts. New patches should allow either less time gating to progress through older reward systems, or faster progression through them or both. A negative of the MoP legendary questline was that in 5.4 onward, the time gating was quite severe for alts, even if the drop rate was buffed. Allow players to brute force these things if desired as it is catch-up from previous patches.

    6. MoP classic, if you can't tell I loved it.

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