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    Dragon Isles potential wildlife/races

    So, since we've more or less decided Dragon Isles are happening, what kind of creatures would you like to see inhabiting them other than dragons and their related races

    I'm operating on the basis that the Dragon Isles are more or less a series of Islands with the main 5 being dedicated to the main 5 flights

    New Dragonkin
    basically, types of Dragons we've never heard of that serve the main flights
    a Steel Dragonflight that breathes molten metal and makes armor and weapons, a Purple Dragonflight that guards the seas around the isles, and others

    Blue Isle
    I think it will probably be wintery with stuff like polar bears, mammoths and other animals we saw on Northrend
    stuff like mana wyrms and arcane elementals will most likely also show up
    possibly some new races like perhaps a Marmot like race that worship arcane magic

    Bronze Isle
    It will probably be a desert, so we'll probably see stuff like camels and snakes and other creatures seen in
    Dinosaurs could be possible in subzones that reflect the past (I doubt the Bronze Dragons would just leave the big important events just lying around)
    Jerboas, just Jerboas

    Emerald Isle
    We'll probably see the classic nightsabers, bears, and deer situation we see in Night Elven zones

    Black Isle
    We'll probably see stuff similar to the creatures you'll come across around the Searing Gorge or Firelands
    Drogbar could show up if not some form of new race that serves the Black Flight
    Old God forces could show up maybe with a volcanic appearance

    Red Isle
    This could be a good place to just go insane since I don't think we have much to go on how this isle could look beyond the Red Dragonshrine
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    Quote Originally Posted by Psykho View Post
    So, since we've more or less decided Dragon Isles are happening
    When did this happen and what actual real leak do you have to justify typing this?
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    Alleria's whispers start climaxing

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    I for once, want wyverns, true wyverns, the dragons with two wings and two legs.

    Also want new versions of the manticores and gryphons, if they are rly related to dragons like lore speculate, would be amazing to see versions of then more dragon-like with scales and horns.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pebrocks The Warlock View Post
    When did this happen and what actual real leak do you have to justify typing this?
    the mmo champion council already decided that, with the empire of dragons as the new expansion.

    We have spoken
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