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    [A or H][US][Any Server] LF Weekend Raiding Guild

    I'm looking for a guild that pushes mythic raids on the weekends. I'm open to any faction and any server, but the most important thing for me is to find the right home.

    I've been playing since vanilla and over time I've played every role in raid and since I'm prioritizing finding the right place for me, I'm pretty flexible when it comes to what role to play. Within the roles, there are some classes I like more than others and I am open to discuss what to play according to your guild's needs.

    I tend to min/max my character as much as I can and put emphasis on creating good UIs and Weak Auras to help me play my best. However, I really haven't raided hard since MoP where I had a good group of ten players to run the most challenging content. These were my favorite times playing wow b/c I was in a group with good players and we were all competing to do our best. I want to find something similar to that now but since then, I've only played on and off, joined some guilds and gotten AOTC in various tiers but rarely stepped into mythics. This has led me to stop playing after a while because I don't like doing continuous heroic reclears to gear out alts - I want to push for CE and become a better player and I think I just haven't found the right group for me to do so.

    Like I said, I'm willing to do whatever it takes if I find the right place for me. I'd like to check out a stream of your raids to see if it's my cup of tea. The times I listed above are non-negotiable since I want to be consistent and I'm usually too tired from work and other activities on the weekdays to sit down and dedicate 3+ hours to raid. I am a team player and understand mythic rosters carry more than 20 + and may be asked to bench. I'm totally fine with this and just really want to contribute to a group that strives to hit that max content.

    I've come back a few months ago after getting AOTC in CN and started playing brand new characters and mostly just doing Mythic + keys for now. I want to be ready for 9.2 and put in the work now to do so. Please reach out to me in discord at Tormes#7864 if you think I'd be a good fit for your group and so we can talk further. Thanks for reading!

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    Hi! We are Volatile on Llane-Arygos and looking for dps, more preferably a mage, warrior or demon hunter. We are currently 5/10M SoD with raid times Fri/Sat 10p-1a EST. We are not hardcore but we do have progression in mind. If this looks interesting to you, feel free to check out some of our streams at twitch.tv/ladyhexvera to see how you like our raiding environment. Feel free to add us: vcronwen#1282 and mabelle#1433 to chat more.

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