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    Experienced ShadowPriest/Mage Looking for a guild

    Good Afternoon All. I am looking for a raiding guild on Draenor EU (Will transfer for the right guild)

    I've played WoW pretty much since Wrath of the Lich Kings with serveal breaks for changes in career etc throughout.

    Previous experience includes raiding with:

    Ensidia - World 1st (World 3rd LK Heroic kill on Tarren Mill)
    Ascendance - World 8th on Draenor
    Apex - World 8th at the time on Al'Akir
    Nova - World 18th (Produced FATBOSS TV guide videos)

    In this current expansion, I have not been able to raid at all in any capacity due to starting a new job 2 years ago which required me to work shifts. I therefore only casually raided with a few pugs and never had any gear at all.

    I've now managed to change my role at work and I work mon-Fri again and can now dedicate as much time to raiding as I would like.

    I am extremely interested in returning now to raid with a guild who raids roughly 3x a week who has a serious but relaxed raid atmosphere. I'm not looking for super hardcore raiding anymore, at least not at this point, and just want a guild who will clear all content consistently over an average length of time.

    I have played ShadowPriest/Mage/Warlock at the highest levels due to the guilds I've raided in doing split runs. However I only want to maintain 2 characters from now on, that will be Shadowpriest and Mage.

    If there is any guild out there willing to give me a shot on either of the above characters then please send me a message in game.

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