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    No, booster communities are going to just create guilds on the server. Nothing says they need to either be a good raiding guild, an actual raiding guild, or even the guild that in the end does the sales run.

    So tell me what will the hundreds of guilds do now? Just give up that revenue stream? Or are they all going to try to take it on individually increasing the # of people spamming trade chat?
    What you said here is a farcry from what you claimed in the last post. Let them make a guild and do it that way whatever. Guilds have boosted since Vanilla. Hell I myself used to boost (we called it carries back then) ppl for Ulduar mounts and HLK kills. But a guild making a profit for itself or its members on the side is completely different from what was taking place with those communities

    Does this 100% stop all boosting from ever taking place? No of course not.
    Was it a positive thing/change for the game? You bet your pink panties it was!
    Should all boosting be stomped out 100% of the game? Not in my opinion.

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    Got me scared there a bit.
    Fortunately I pay for my boosts with real money, so no damage done there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by matheney2k View Post
    Lol what a take. Booster communities are going to multiply magically and spread like a virus to each server you say?

    Well ok.

    (Hint: their members are finite)
    Lol. Booster communities already have guilds established on the majority of battlegroups. I'm not sure where you have been for the last 15 years or so, but you can't trade gold cross-group. They don't need to "multiply magically and spread like a virus". They are already established.

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