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    World of Warcraft: Dragonscale [EXPANSION CONCEPT]

    Not a leak obviously... I've been seeing a bunch of "leaks" recently and it got me interested in starting my own expansion concept I thought I'd share.

    Note: I'm not an artist... or terribly up to date on wow lore. Just did this for fun/the hell of it.

    World of Warcaft: Dragonscale.

    The Dragon Isles were formed thousands of years ago by renegades from each of the dragonflights, Kosanz (Red) Veldegosa (Blue) Hygevion (Black) Andarmi (Bronze) Vithatius (Green). They created the Dragon Isles as a way to keep a snapshot of their power at their height. Should they ever need it again they could go to the Dragon Isles and become powerful once more.

    The Dragon Isles are a place lost in time, a series of Islands, showing the world as it was (mostly), thousands of years ago.

    Wrathion had heard rumours of the Dragon Isles and decided it was a perfect way to rebuild the Black Dragonflight. Once news gets to Alliance and Horde however, things get a bit more tricky. Anduin, pushed by Genn, sends the Alliance Player character (and an accompanying fleet), to the Isles as envoys, though Genn secretly plans to find what resources he can and bring them back for the Alliance.

    The Horde Council similiarly see it as a way to ensure that those on the Dragon Isles recognise them and their presance in the world. They send the Horde Player Character along with Lorthemar and Gazlowe with gifts to the Dragons of the Isles.

    The DI had been hidden for so many long due to the efforts of the Dragons themselves. As an example if a ship was approaching, Andarmi and his Bronze Dragons would twist the wheel of time, making the ship dissapear into the past.

    Some people get stranded on the shore. Over the years the red dragon Ardadstrasz has taken pity on these and invited them to his city Dracalis. Some even, get embued with their power.

    New Hero Class: Dragonsworn

    The new Dragonsworn are the new Class in Dragonscale. These are canonically the people that got stranded on the Dragon Isles over the years. They have a new starting experience showing how they accept the power, begin to use it and meet one of the antagonists of the xpac Corrostrasz, more on him later!

    A Dragonsworn is a lot like a Demon Hunter in that they have various unique customisation options. For example you can have scale patterns across your body (in 5 colours), horns and a tail. The tail replaces any tail you may already have on you, for example if you're a Draenei.

    As an example, this is an idea of what it may look like:

    Dragonsworn are mail users and have three specs, Blackguard (Tank): This is a spec much like a Guardian Druid, you would turn into a unique model a bit like the Drakonid models (though probably much more high res than the old Drakonid Mod. I imagine it would play a bit like a monk, i.e. not using a weapon to hit, using claws, a tail and a flame breath ability).

    Life Binder (Healing): Using red Dragonflight like abilities they can heal wounds and using green dragonflight abilities they have a selection of offensive utilities including a CC (Sleep).

    Nexus Warder (Damage) using the abilities of the Blue dragonflight and Bronze dragonflight, the Nexus Warder can range devastating attacks down on enemies using arcane abilities and and throwing dots around with the timeweaving abilities

    (I'm not 100% sold on the nexus warder name... you have a better one, let me know!)

    Once the Horde/Alliance and Wrathion arrive on the DI however, they discover that there is unrest amongst the dragons. The four remaining founders (Hygevion was killed during the Cataclysm), have vanished and have not been seen for years. Ardadstrasz, has taken up as their leader until their return. He charges the Horde and Alliance to see the isles, right any wrongs and help those who need help.


    There are five zones in Dragonscale. 4 levelling zones, and the capital city, Dracalis.

    Players can choose which zone to level through first. Each zone will have their own story but the max level campaign story has will go to each of the zones and tie them all together.


    Thyssra is a fairly pleaseant and temperate zone made up of three mini climates. In the north grassy rolling hills, then a temperate forest, with Whitestone Keep in the centre, and in the south, The Dark Fen, a dank wet muddy and dangerous landscape.

    The story here revolves around the Bloodscarred, a group of dragons who beleive they should not be working with the new arrivals and the Soulwashed, who believe they should. The leader of the Bloodscarred is a Dragon called Ensenion, the final dungeon of the quest line sees you facing off against his leuitenant, Kezgelgon, in Ul'durok temple.

    Ensnion himself is the final boss of the first raid in Dragonscale, Ensenion's Lair. A three boss raid located in the White Isles. More details below!

    The isles themselves are a max level daily questing zone.

    Mor's Bluff

    Mor's Bluff is a dry desert landscape with great canyons and rocky landscapes. It's sated by two rivers and a pool providing the only sustanance, a thin strip of land connects it with Thyssra in the south.

    The story here revolves around mysterious portals from various points in time, opening up and bringing different monsters and figures from different times in history. For example, part of the questing revolves in helping a child Khadgar find him mother. Questing concludes in the dunegon The Chronosphere, where it's found that a dying bronze dragon, Akurdomu, is causing all the anomalies to appear across Mor's Bluff. The heroes must battle there way through people out of their time whilst also dealing with a sect of naga that have made the caverns there home.

    Gals'shar is a snowy zone with mountains and snow topped trees forming forests, spread across the land. The zone is home to the massive Dorirth mountains, the Scrag, a smattering of hot dust and rock, melting the snow around it, Kozarayian's Dominion, an ancient dragon home where rumour has it the daughter of Galkarond is buried and Bloodhelm, where an ancient battle between two of the founders, Kosanz and Veldegosa and their forces, raised the ground and tainted it with their blood. An old tower, The Bloodwash, serves as the last reminder of that brutal conflict.

    The story in Gal'shar deals with the emergence of a new protoflight of dragons, the Ivory Flight. Rather than being empowered by titans themselves this small group was empowered by Tyr. A few eggs were laid and a titan artefact, The Supreme Voice, was given to Vithatius to guard the clutch until they were ready to hatch.

    One of the ivory dragons (Aliscar) that has been guarding the clutch has grown bitter in his duty and with the help of a mysterious void artifact, he empowers The Supreme Voice with the artifact. The end dungeon sees us going through Aeflwych, the great tree, fighting the spriggans and other beings that Aliscar has put in our way, to defeat The Great Voice, rescue the clutch and see that they are safe.

    When Aliscar dies he screams "Master... I have failed you!"

    Ebonscar is the final zone in Dragonscale, previously known as Anseia. Ebonscale got it's name after it was razed by Hygevion and his black dragons during the Cataclysm. Previously, it was a beautiful forest with many groves. All has turned to cinder.

    The questing here tells of a group of Drogbar who settled in the Horn of Kai and The Deepclaw. The dragons that remain in Ebonscar are weary of them because of their association with Deathwing. The Drogbar, known as the Thunderfirst tribe, are led by their peaceful leader Nubrul. Nubrul is attempting to quell the growing tensions between the Dragons and the Drogbar. His brother, Ulmul, sees no reason why the Drogbar shouldn't conquer this land for their own. During the questing, it is discovered that a group of rogue dragons are trying to aide the Drogbar into conquering Ebonscar. They are duplicitous however, as their main goal is to get others to see the plight of Ebonscar and do something to replenish the land. They believe allowing the Drogbar to conquer it, will get other dragons to do something to fix the broken land. This comes to a head in the dungeon on Ebonscar, Dekras Hold, where Nubrul is slain and the dragons brought to heed. Once complete, the champions of Azeroth are told to visit Ardadstrasz in Dracalis and inform him of what has happened. They do so, and it is revealed that he was the master Aliscar spoke of when he died. He is plotting to become Lord of Dragons, a title he has designed himself. He claims "Even the aspects will bow to me."

    Wrathion manages to save the player character and flies him out of the palace. Ardadstrasz will pay for his transgression!


    Dracalis is the main hub city of The Dragon Isles. The best way I can describe it, is it looks very much like Dinotopia City just much more colourful with pastel colour buildings and much more tropical envrioment, at least to the picture.

    Here are all the amenities you would want in a city, an ancient Draconic vault that gives treasures to heroes on a weekly basis, banks, inns, portals and a flight point. It also contains a small Island with a recently built Palace where Ardadstrasz lays his home. It is the second raid in Dragonscale.


    The young Black Dragon has remained untainted unlike his father and all others of his kin. Whispers of the Dragon Isles had come to him from those of other flights. A place where the now weak can become strong again. Why not use it to rebuild his flight into it's former glory? Who remains to take on this perilous quest?
    While eventually Wrathion will succeed in his goal, along the way he will learn a lot from others that dogged persistence will only get you so far and before you can suceed you must know why you must fail.

    Exiled on the White Isles, Ensenion was imprisoned thousands of years ago for destroying a rare batch of eggs held on the White Isles. Whilst in exile, the former Black dragon has turned pale white whilst hidden away. He returns with apparent remorse in his heart and a distrust of the mortals that now roam his islands. His imprisonment caused the once sensible dragon to lose his santity. Imprisoned for thousands of years, but not idle. He has created a fleet of creatures and beasts to help see him to his unhinged plan.

    The spawn of Kosanz, Ardadstrasz takes his time to welcome the outsiders into his realm where others would do naught but shun them. More than welcome, he offers a handful a portion of his power to further sanctify his trust. Of course, it is all done in a ply for power. He, the master behind a handful of the deeds done in the Dragon Isles. Why should the aspects hold the power that should be rightfully his? He who was tasked to protect the Isles from all threats?

    Corrostrasz spited the outsiders before they showed themselves. He had little pity for them and warned Ardadstrasz not to share his power so willingly. Corrostrasz however, was not aware of his brothers ploy, even then he had little care for it. His own search for power made him search deeper than any one had ever done so. Until he found a tear in reality and the whispers of the void filtered through, to empower him greatly.

    When Anduin was captured and taken to the Shadowlands, Turalyon took over leadership of Stormwind. He had tried to manage the Kingdom as best he could and believed he had done a good job of it. When Anduin returned, Turalyon gladly handed the reigns back to the young king but things were not the same between the two. Turalyon had learnt a lot in his time leading Stormwind, things that angered him. In secret he began speaking with one who shared his viewpoint. With an unknown gift, he opens her way.

    Dungeons and Raids

    At launch, there would be 8 dungeons

    • Ul'durok Temple
    • The Chronosphere
    • Vidora's Keep
    • Aefylwych
    • The Bloodwash
    • Dekras Hold
    • Stonehold Caverns
    • The Silver Spire

    There would be 2 raids at launch, with one coming in 10.1, another in 10.2 and another in 10.3. As for dungeons, there would be a revamped 8 boss Scarlet Monastery in 10.2.


    Ensenion's Lair

    Located on the white Isles, Ensenion's Lair is where Ensenion spent his long impisonment. Dark, lightless caves stretching deep underground.

    1. Mawthrog the Devourer
    This bulking Gyreworm has been present ever since Ensenion burrowed away here all those years ago. The pale one managed to tame it... at least partially and now Mawthrog stands as the barrier to entering the true caverns beneath.

    2. Orision and Ovrigra
    The two twins are all that remains of Ensenion's children. Though they have never seen the outside world, Ensenion has taught them deadly skills the deadliest being hate towards the mortal races of Azerorth.

    3. Enesnion
    Ensenion's madness grew not out of connection to the old golds, rather the isolation and the betrayel he felt at the hands of his kin. His hatred burns deep, especially for the mortal races of the world who he feels a pestilance that must be eradicated.

    The Golden Palace

    The home of self proclaimed Lord of all Dragons, Ardadstrasz, located in Dracalis.

    Dominion of Hope

    Ancient draconic ruins, where Corrostrasz goes to attune his void power with his Voidscarred Dragons.

    Stormwind Redoubt

    Yrel passes through into Stormwind and begins to purge those she sees as unpure. Yrel is final boss, Turaylon, second to last.


    Reminder: I'm not an artist... or a cartogropher for that matter.

    The Dragon Isles


    Mors Bluff



    Anyway, I hope you enjoyed all of that! I may give it a bit more detail at some point in the future. I had plenty more information to give, at one point I was designing raid bosses... perhaps that's a bit too far. Ah well, hope you all enjoyed!
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    Hey, nice maps! Not many concepts go as far as those.

    Making a new Scarlet Monastery the 'mega dungeon' is a neat idea, I wouldn't mind seeing the older large-scale vanilla dungeons re-imagined in such a way. Fond memories of trekking through Maraudon and Blackrock Spire.
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    Never heard of Dinotopia city, but... I'm sold! That would look real cool in WoW.

    I dig the 3-specs for the Dragonsworn too. I'd probably call the 3rd spec Spellweaver, something that evokes both the spellcasting of the blues and the timeweavers of the bronze.
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    This beats the shit out of any of the "leaks" I've read so far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shaun056 View Post
    There would be 2 raids at launch, with one coming in 10.1, another in 10.2 and another in 9.3. As for dungeons, there would be a revamped 8 boss Scarlet Monastery in 10.2.
    Quote Originally Posted by shaun056 View Post
    another in 9.3
    So we would go back an expansion?

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    I’m 100% expecting both a class and race next xpac if Blizz follows their pattern.

    Drakonid race (bc Blizz has been wanting them since vanilla w/ there being concept art of them being playable back then & nearly added them in cata… and in SL they made a bunch of new art in Hearthstone for them including what female would look like)

    And either:
    Tinker class
    Or a dragonsworn class similar to what you’re describing that’s possibly limited to Drakonids only.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SirPaper View Post
    So we would go back an expansion?
    So I'm officially an idiot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Triceron View Post
    Never heard of Dinotopia city, but... I'm sold! That would look real cool in WoW.

    I dig the 3-specs for the Dragonsworn too. I'd probably call the 3rd spec Spellweaver, something that evokes both the spellcasting of the blues and the timeweavers of the bronze.
    I called a Blue/Bronze focused spec Spelltwister, to complement both the Spellweaver elements and the winding nature of time spells

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    Just updated some images and added a boss list for the first raid!

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    Quote Originally Posted by shaun056 View Post
    So I'm officially an idiot.
    Nah, it is bronze dragonflight time travel. Nice concept.

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    This is pretty neat!

    I wish more people shared their concepts here instead of just labeling the fanfics they write as "leaks". I have much more respect for threads like these. Although the bitter reality is that any thread labeled as "REAL 10.0 LEAK OMG" is going to get a shit ton more clicks than a thread that admits to being a fan-made concept.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ercarp View Post
    This is pretty neat!

    I wish more people shared their concepts here instead of just labeling the fanfics they write as "leaks". I have much more respect for threads like these. Although the bitter reality is that any thread labeled as "REAL 10.0 LEAK OMG" is going to get a shit ton more clicks than a thread that admits to being a fan-made concept.
    100% this. Love reading people's concepts and scrolling through any maps. I just bung the 1-post "leaks" on ignore, f*ck em.

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    Nice. I would just add Drakonid Race to it. Class + race = MoP 2.0

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