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    Looking for late night raiding guild

    BM Hunter looking to join a late night raiding guild anytime past 7 pm Pacific time.

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    yo, cant post a link so heres the post.

    Thrall (H) – Throwbois Fri/Sat 10pm-12amEST LF DPS and Healers
    (Cross Realm raid team)Throwbois is looking for mostly DPS and a couple healers to fill out our raid team. We will be looking to move into heroic as soon as possible. Alts, returning players and new players are all welcome. We will not be carrying anyone into heroic or later normal bosses.

    The group consists of friends that have been gaming together for over a decade. The core of officers has been raiding at the highest level since BC and now taking a less demanding approach for the rest of the expansion.

    Send me a PM at Whodatboi#11245(bnet) or Jonathan-#9045(discord) if you are interested or have any questions

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